Impacts of Defective West
The defective west will adversely affect the relationship between husband and wife. It is also responsible for the divorce. There will be problem if the person is in the business of exports than his prospects of business will be negatively affected due to the difficulty in foreign travels. The person will be forced to cancel his travels.

If the person is in politics his image may be spoiled by some blame. This defect may also spoil the relationship with the in laws.

Defects in the west

  1. When the open area in the west is more than the open are in the east.
  2. When the floor level in west is lower than the east.
  3. When the boundary wall in the west is lower than the east.
  4. Any sump or under ground water tank, septic tank, jet pumps in west will create Vaastu defect which may be disastrous for the well being of the family.
  5. A swimming pool in the west direction may ruin the prosperity of occupants.
  6. A fire place in the west will affect the health of the occupants badly.
  7. If a cut in west side will create a Vaastu defect.
  8. Any extension in west direction will create a Vaastu defect.
  9. A basement in west direction will increase the negativity in the house.

Vaastu Remedies for West Defect :
The deity of west direction is Varun. This direction is also ruled by Saturn. Appeasing of Saturn and installing a Shani Yantra in West direction will be helpful in removing the defect of west direction.

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