We are expert in finding the following Defects at any site and can do the remedies to make the living environment better for you.

GEOPATHIC AGGRESSION – It is an aggression in the building due to land. It can cause mental unrest, stress, lack of focus, concentration and continued tensions.

COSMO TELLURIC CHANNEL – It is an invisible link between sun & earth. Absence can create an unhealthy and a dizzy feeling.

ENERGY LINES ON GROUND – There are many forms and patterns of energy lines and grids naturally existing on the ground. Specifically Hartman grid, Curry grid and ley line. Exposure to such lines can weaken the immune system and disturbs sleep

GLOBAL FIELD – Influx of energies in & around the buildings.

COSMIC & TELLURIC ENERGY – Energy flowing from sun & Earth creates a fresh and healthy feel.

NEGATIVE ENERGY – An unknown flow of negative energy from an object or material in the building can create lot of pessimism, restlessness and insomnia.

EMF CONGESTION – EMF Congestion can be tested through an EMF Radiation Tester. Electromagnetic radiationscan result in infections in pregnancy, miscarriages, leukemia and even brain cancer.

LIGHT – Paucity of light can cause SAD (Seasonal affective Disorder)

SOUND – Over exposure to sound can create hearing loss or aural pain, nausea and disrupted concentration and sleep.

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