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Vaastu Remedies is a professional consultancy founded by Acharya Vikaas Sharma a senior researcher of The Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi. He is also having Honour of Vaastu Shastracharya from Delhi. He is dedicatedly working to educate people towards the scientific aspects of astrology and Vaastu Shastra.

He is continuously engaged in educating people to create Nature friendly environment for buildings. Acharya Vikaas Sharma is an expert in diagnosing & curing buildings those are found sick with so many reasons. He works on revival of Vedic culture, tradition, and wisdom.

Acharya Vikaas Sharma has specialized in making buildings healthy through the remedies prescribed in Vedic Vaastu and according to modern concepts also. His Diagnosis and healing is done through latest instruments and both modern and Vedic remedies. He normally uses the remedies of Pyramids, Crystal, available plants and so many things those you can easily find in your home. So you don’t have to pay any big amount to purchase the instruments to correct any Vaastu defects.

Our motto is to provide cheap and best remedies to correct all the Vaastu defects at your home especially without any demolition.

Vaastu - An Intro

Vaastu Shastra is a developed branch of Indian Astrology for science of dwelling / architecture. They are the only part those are closely related to each other Vaastuis interrelated with ....

Home Vaastu

Does nature affect the quality of our lives? Do inanimate objects have energy? If yes, then what is this energy and how does it affect us? All these questions can be explained by the ....

Vaastu - An Intro

Vaastu Shastra derived from the Sthapatya Veda which is a branch of Atharva Veda. It is a Sanskrit term. Vaastu means the place where you live or work. We have speci....

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