In today’s techno savvy world, we are exposed to infinitely more manmade electromagnetic fields than our ancestors were in the past. The impact of these electromagnetic fields on our health and our immune system is disastrous. In factevery electrical installation is grounded; every building, every transformer, roughly every electric pole along the road is grounded. Since everything is grounded, it causes a certain amount of electricity to go into the soil.

We usually measure what goes into the atmosphere and how it affects human health, but whatever goes into the air is not the most serious problem but yes it is a problem.

But what is coming up out of the earth is become a big problem for us now.An electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) and it is emanating from virtually every single electrical appliance, computer, electric wire, and especially high voltage lines (overhead and buried), which are carrying current. EMF is specifically causing cancer in children and in older adults and may be triggering countless other immune deficiency and psychological diseases and disorders in anyone in close proximity. Make no mistake about it: electric fields are bad news for your health and can be killers.

And another new EMF radiations are also exists in air in form of radiations of antenna of Mobile operators. If look around us when we are on terrace than we can found at least four to five antenna’s in about 500-1000 meter’s range. Don’t you think that these antennas are creating a big problem to our health with their electromagneticfields? Our sparrows are very smart in this context they know that these electromagnetic rays are not good for their health.

So they run away from those antennas. In fact if see around us we cannot found even a single small size sparrow around those antenna and we are still living with them because our senses are dead and we cannot find any harmful in their existence. But the rays are very harmful and we must protect ourselves by shielding.

We can found the strength of the antenna rays and can protect you from harmful rays those are coming from all type of mobile towers near to your home.For checking EMF radiations we use our EMF radiation tester. And we do remedy to shield you from those hazardous rays.

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