Impacts of defective South East
The defect in this direction may have negative effect on the gains-means, problem in gaining knowledge or earning money. The owner of this kind of house may indulge into wasteful expenditure and may suffer loss in business and a huge part of his earnings may be spent in hospitalisation.

If the person is working he may also destroy relations with immediate superior. There may be losses in speculations. The native may be deprived of the comforts of bed and may suffer from insomnia. The secret enemies of the owner may be very active and may always try to harm him.

Defects in the South West

  • if there is a septic tank or jet pump in south west
  • if there is sump or swimming pool in south west direction.
  • If the open space in south west is more than the north east direction.
  • When the floor level in south west is lower than the floor level in north east.
  • If boundary wall in south west is lower than the boundary wall in north east direction.
  • If there is extension in south west.
  • Any depression in south west direction will lead to Vaastu defect.
  • When the doors in south west are wider and bigger than the doors in north east direction.
  • Any thorny trees in south west direction will create a Vaastu defect.
  • If south west corner is cut off it results in to a Vaastu defect.
  • A main door in south west direction will lead to Vaastu defect.
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