Does nature affect the quality of our lives? Do inanimate objects have energy? If yes, then what is this energy and how does it affect us? All these questions can be explained by the ancient science of Vaastu.

Vaastu is a science which provides a set of principles for construction, layout, and interior designing of houses and industries etc. Basically Vaastu is a study of life of an occupant in a building with context to land, location and environment.

Vaastu builds harmony among the five basic elements of the universe—Fire, sky, Water, Earth, and air. These five elements, if aligned properly, can make a house or a business place harmonious by releasing positive energy sustaining all living beings bringing health, happiness, peace, and well-being to its inhabitants.

On the flipside, bad Vaastu or imbalance of the five elements is the reason for some houses or sites are repeatedly release very bad effects to the occupants and disturb their life just like hell. In many cases, the problem can be alleviated by making a few wrong changes to the plot site by the by the architects those are very professional and wants to utilizes every smallest space of the plot. In this we must understand that that the mistake is not of architects the mistake is raising of prices of property every day in this modern era. The rates of property are very high and restrict architects and living beings to live in small places. But there is no worry now. We can create Vaastu friendly environment for the living beings with our new scientific researches of Vaastu.

In Vaastu, the concern is how the structure or compound affects the natural energy field. The bad Vaastu effects will make hell our life. In today’s techno savvy world, we are exposed to infinitely more manmade electromagnetic fields than our ancestors were in the past. The impact of these electromagnetic fields on our health and our immune system is disastrous. With the scientific Vaastu techniques we can neutralize the effect of these electromagnetic radiations with the help of specialized remedies that have been scientifically proven. We use many instruments to check all the negative electromagnetic field , geopathic stress of earth, water flow , air flow, negative sound level, level of oxygen in your home and so many things those are disturbing you and your life.

So if you think that you are having any problem in your home. You and your family member are frequently falling sick than there must be a big problem in your home. Call us for visit we will show you the problem and correct it for you.

Any science which is proven and gives effective results – whether it is Vaastu Shastra, Yoga, or Ayurveda— slowly but surely becomes a part of our life. One of the primary reasons for Vaastu Shastra’s popularity is that people are now aware that it is a result-oriented, non-destructive remedial science. These days there is no need for demolition of entire buildings, or bringing down any part of an existing structure. It is possible to nullify the negative energy just by installing certain remedial measures like pyramids, copper strip, crystals etc. Not only this, the results after making appropriate changes to a house, office, or building can be assessed with the help of instruments like energy meter and aura photography. These instruments can detect negative energy coming from the earth and the objects which are placed around a living space, which could be anything from objects to painting to some plants in the garden. Our Vaastu explains the quality of plants that can be planted round your home.

We all care about our homes and spend time, effort, and money to make them more comfortable. For most people, buying a house is one of the biggest investments of their lives. Your home, its non-Vaastu compliant architecture, can damage inhabitants’ health; contaminate the air you breathe and the water you drink, without your being aware of it. Similarly, at work places, environmental stress contributes to overall strain, preventing one from reaching one’s full potential. Resisting these external forces is imperative for growth and development.

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