Impacts of defective South
South represent the name and fame of the person therefore it has a direct relationship with what we do in life it also indicates our treatment with the persons who come across in the field of our business profession and service. The defects in this direction with gradually crush the professional growth of the house owner which will create financial constrains in his life. It will jeopardise the health of father and the owner will lack the fixity of purpose.

If the native holds a public office or is a politician then there will be loss of reputation and political power. The status and the authority of the person will come under serious threat.

Defects in the South

  • Depression in south direction will generate Vaastu defect.
  • When there is a well, underground water tank or jet pump in south direction.
  • Swimming pool in south direction may ruin the family completely.
  • When the boundary wall of south is lower than the north wall.
  • When there is an extension of plot in south.
  • When the south direction is cut off.
  • When the slope of plot or building is towards south.
  • When the open space in south is more than the north direction.
  • Basement in south direction is very harmful for the owner.
  • When there is a big size drawing room in the south direction and the bedrooms are too small comparatively.


Vaastu Remedies for South Defect :
Lord of south direction is Mars. So installing a Mangal Yantra in this direction will counter the ill effects of south direction. Fasting on Tuesday will also beneficial in the problem of south direction.

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