Impacts of defective North
North is the domain of Kuber the lord of Money. So any defect in the north

direction will block the inflow of money completely. Or occupant may suffer from the over expenditures due to illness. The defect in north may also create the problem in relationship between mother and son. The owner of the house may also face the difficulty in inheriting the parental property. This defect may also affect the education of children.

The owner of the house may not be able to relish the luxuries of the house. North is also signifies our internal peace therefore any defect in north will indicate disturbance in maintaining of internal peace whereas he has all the comforts of modern era.


Defects in the North

  1. When the north direction is blocked by heavy construction.
  2. When boundary wall of the north direction is higher than the south.
  3. When there are tall and heavy trees in the north direction.
  4. When there is a cut in north direction than the owner of the house will not get fruits of his hard work.
  5. When the north side floor level is higher than south than the owner will have more expenses than his income.
  6. When there is storage of junk in north side.
  7. When the north side has less open space than the south direction.
  8. When windows and ventilators in north direction are smaller than the south direction.
  9. Kitchen or a toilet in north direction will create a Vaastu defect.

Vaastu Remedies for North Defect :
Installation of Mercury Yantra will counter the ill effects of north direction. Keeping the north area clean will also help if you have any defect in north direction.

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