If you have any defect in your north east direction than the following results may be found: Family Dispute

  • Family Dispute
  • Business Dispute
  • Divorce cases
  • Incurable diseases are very common effect
  • Blockage of fund and very slow growth
  • Rejection of orders of elders

If you have any defect in your South West direction than following problems may occur:

  • Delay in marriage of any member of family
  • Too much expenditure
  • Bad habits and bad society of any younger member
  • Unsatisfactory relations between husband & Wife
  • Adamant behaviour of child


If you have any defect in your South East Direction than following result may be found:

  • Fear of Theft
  • Fear of Fire
  • Disturb stomach or problem with legs
  • Disturb relation between husband & Wife
  • No peace of mind for ladies generally they are unwell


If you have any defect in your North West direction than the following problems you may face:

  • Bad relation with your neighbours or with outsiders
  • Any legal problems and disputes
  • Legal problem with government also
  • Disturb relation with your friends and relatives
  • Uncontrollable borrowings
  • Mental problem like depression
  • Cardio problems


Though above problems are experienced in common reading and does not prove to be a law. These effects may vary by changing of external as well as internal environment of the dwelling. These problems may vary from person to person also. So if you are having any type of problem than you just have to scrutinise your home through a scientific Vastu consultant.

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