Vaastu is the science of harmony, the science that brings the harmony among the five basic elements in the existence in the universe. The whole earth was an open space before the man started living on it, the open space is always having numerous energies flowing on it but the moment we construct any structure on it the flow of energies gets distorted consequently, that starts affecting the occupant either in negative or positive manner this disturbance compelled the man to look into the problem seriously and that curiosity to know the power of energies gave birth to the science of Vaastu Shastra.

Vaastu Shastra helps us to understand the effect of these five elements on human life and also guides us to live in harmony with the law of nature for health, wealth and over all prosperity.

Vaastu experts may have different views about certain aspects related to remedial measures but all of them have one single opinion about the origin of Vaastu, the origin of this great science of harmony is from origin of nature .Our Shastra and Vedas believe that what is nature composed of each human being is microcosmic part of macrocosm. We all know that human body is made of the five elements i.e. EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR AND SPACE. Each of these elements has a personality and internal milieu that is connected with the reality of “WHO WE ARE “,No aspect of the human body functions as an independent and discrete entity each physical function is connected to an emotional aspects ,each aspects governs an organ. There is an inter relationship between each and every emotional aspect, organ and its function. it is this that is responsible for the maintenance of balance between our physical and emotional relationship .Vaastu believes that all these elements are present everywhere both inside us as well as around us.

Earth – The relationship between the earth and the body is basic and therefore the first reality of earth in our body through its presence in the form of muscles, bones and various other important minerals etc. which are there to keep us healthy. Without the muscles and the bones the body may not be able to function at all and the life may not be possible.

Water – The water on earth constitutes almost 73% of the total mass. Exactly the same way our body too is composed 73% water. Life without water is unthinkable and in this respect our relationship with water is fundamental. it only goes to show the point that there is a great relationship of this element not only with the nature but also with the human survival.

Fire – In order to live we all need to eat food. This food needs to get digested in our system so as to produce the energy for our upkeep and maintenance of essential body heat. Now, how this food is digested and assimilated in our system? Upon closer examination we will realize that it is the fire, for the sake of specific reference we refer to It as the ‘digestive Fire ‘that helps break down the food and burns the calories so that the energy required for living is adequately provided for .whenever there is a problem with our digestive system it automatically means there is a problem with the element of fire in our body and that it need to be checked when we loose a balance of the element fire that our health tends to deteriorate and over a period of time it may even lead to a serious problem.

Air – Without the circulation of blood the organs cannot function in our body. When we are breathing the flow of Air inhaled during this process actually pumps the blood through our system and keeps us alive .However, moment there is any hindrance in the otherwise smooth process of inhalation that the disturbance is caused in the relationship of all the five elements and there occurs a disorder in the circulation of blood that becomes the cause of death Our relationship with the element of air and its quality is vital.

Space – from the moment we come on the earth, our body require space and it continues to need space throughout the span of our life, without this element the existence is not possible in any from whatsoever .In fact all the other four elements prosper and flourish only within the ambience of congenial space, because of this our relationship with the element of space is crucial.

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