Vaastu Remedies is as a professional consultancy formed by a group of research scholars of Scientific Vaastu Consultants dedicatedly working to create Nature Friendly Homes. We are experts in creating Healthy Buildings which are both Green and Vaastu Friendly and capable of generating a better mental and physical health. Such buildings can also conserve a lot of energy and make a building sustainable.

We have specialized in making Sick buildings HEALTHY through the norms of Vedic Vaastu Science and Sick Building Syndrome. Diagnosis and healing is done through latest instruments and both modern and Vedic remedies.

Below are some points of our scope of work:

  • Vaastu Site analysis- interior & exterior
  • An Analysis of space planning, surrounding, land and environmen
  • EMF testing through EMF radiation tester
  • Light and sound checks through instruments
  • Energy diagnosis through lecher antenna
  • Discussions on Placements & Interiors as per Vaastu
  • Discussion on attitude & behavioral patterns of residents
  • Scientific Remedies for the defects if any.
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