Vaastu Remedies-South East

Vaastu Remedies-South East

Impacts of defective North West

The defect in this direction will aggravate the six natural enemies of humanity i.e. lust, anger, greed, infatuation, arrogance and jealousy. That means the occupants will indulge in scandals, litigations, cruel actions that leads to imprisonments. Defective North West will leads to the bad relations with the outsiders, neighbours and relatives.

If the owner is financer he will suffer the loss in interest, earnings and he will have problem in recovering money from the borrowers. The native may have problem in abdomen, liver and intestine.

Defects in the North West

  • Any extension in North West corner.
  • If there is sump or underground water tank in North-west direction.
  • If there is main door in north of northwest direction.
  • If the floor level of North West is lower than the floor level in north east or east direction.
  • If the open space in North West is more than north east and east direction.
  • If the balcony and verandas in North West is bigger than the north east and east direction.
  • If the North West corner is cut off.
  • If there is jet pump in North West direction.
  • If the boundary wall in North West is lower than the boundary wall of north east and east direction.
  • A dead end in North West north is the defect of North West direction.

Vaastu Remedies for North West :

The lord of North West is moon so installing a Chandra Yantra is a good remedy for North West defect. You may do fasting on Monday to counter the ill effects of North West direction.

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