Vaastu Remedies-North East

Vaastu Remedies-North East

Impacts of defective North East

The defect in north east will badly affect the assets, prestige, social status, speech, learning and vision, material welfare, stamina, and courage. Defective north east will cause heavy losses in all financial investments, shares, bonds, securities and will also have negative effect in the relationship with bankers.

The owner of such house will not have ardent relation with his neighbours who might force him to change the residence and in turn it will negatively affect his mental inclination. If the owner of such house in the business of publishing or he is a journalist , editor of news paper or in teaching profession, having printing press , reporter and in the field of communication the defective north east will dilute his progress

Defects in the North East

  • Heavy construction in north east will cause Vaastu defects.
  • If the plot is cut in the north east direction it results Vaastu defect.
  • When the main gate in north east or boundary wall is higher than the boundary wall of south west direction.
  • When the open space in north east is less than the open space in south west.
  • When there is heavy rock or hillock in north east direction.
  • When the north east floor level of house is higher than the south west.
  • When there is tall and thick tree in north east corner.
  • Toilet in north east corner of plot will create Vaastu defect.
  • Kitchen in north east corer will create Vaastu defect.
  • Any boiler or heavy machinery in north east corner will create a Vaastu defects.

Vaastu Remedies for North East :

Lord Shiva is the deity of North east direction. So worship of lord Shiva on daily basis will counter the ill effects of north east direction.

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