Vaastu Remedies- East

Vaastu Remedies- East

Impacts of Defective East
When the east direction is defective in your home then it will have a negative impact on your health, longevity, happiness, character, status, prosperity and your success. And will bring failure in the efforts that you do to get betterment of your life. It will unfavourably influence the general well being of the occupant of the building.

Since the direction is ruled by life giving force on earth that is sun therefore progeny of occupant of the building will be adversely affected. East is the strength of a building and is of supreme importance.

The defects in East

  • When the east direction is blocked and no windows or ventilators are left in this direction it may bring down the name and fame of the owner.
  • When there is rock or hillock in front of the east side of the building it will affect the male progeny of the owner.
  • When the boundary wall on the east direction is higher than the west direction then it will create a Vaastu defect in east.
  • When there is a tall and thick tree in front of the main gate.
  • When there is a toilet in east direction.
  • When you have a store in east direction.
  • When the canopy in the east direction then the owner will not have mental peace and will be bothered by unnecessary tensions.
  • When the open space in east direction is lesser than the open space in west than there is a defect in east direction.
  • If you have stairs in east direction than it affects your prosperity.

Vaastu Remedies for East Defect :
Sun is the lord of East direction, so worship of sun and offering water to sun in copper pot will be very helpful.

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