Vastu Remedies-South West...!!
Impacts of defective South West

The south west is the foundation of luck and fortune therefore the defects in south west will force the occupant to engage in wasteful activities in life. The longevity of the head of the family will be suffered due to the defect in south west. It will afflict the moral values of the occupants and their fortune. This will also eliminate the male member in the family and the family members will have to face disgrace, degradation, sorrows, and debts, punishments from governments, obstruction, intense mental worry, wandering and dejections.
Defects in the South West
  1. if there is a septic tank or jet pump in south west
  2. if there is sump or swimming pool in south west direction.
  3. If the open space in south west is more than the north east direction.
  4. When the floor level in south west is lower than the floor level in north east.
  5. If boundary wall in south west is lower than the boundary wall in north east direction.
  6. If there is extension in south west.
  7. Any depression in south west direction will lead to vastu defect.
  8. When the doors in south west are wider and bigger than the doors in north east direction.
  9. Any thorny trees in south west direction will create a vastu defect.
  10.  If south west corner is cut off it results in to a vastu defect.
  11.  A main door in south west direction will lead to vastu defect.
Vastu Remedies for South West :  
Rahu is the lord of south west direction so installing a Rahu Yantra in south west will counter the ill effects of south west direction.